Discord can be a useful tool for communication but why should you settle for Vanilla Discord when there are Mods that make it 100x better? (100% serious) 

This post will be a repository of relevant information and links to help you enhance your discord.  👍

Enhance your Discord (Browser + Client)

15 Jan 2017

A lot of things have been happening this past week - and a lot of them not necessarily positive. Rather than leaving this year with a bitter aftertaste, I'd like to wish you all the best at this time. 💙

Happy Holidays 2016!

27 Dec 2016

Japanese inspired Garden Lamp that adopts a toony style.
Made with Blender 2.77 and rendered in 3D Builder.
Mesh and Textures made by Me.


Japanese inspired Garden Lamp 3D Model

5 Nov 2016

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